Access our judgment-free baby feeding support via your health plan to get your questions answered quickly on breastfeeding, pumping, formula, and more.

Breast and Bottle

Our practitioners work to create a non-judgmental setting that is tailored to your personal baby feeding goals, regardless of whether you want to breastfeed, use bottles, or both.

Serving parents across the nation

With a network of partners and practitioners across the nation, SimpliFed can help you with your baby feeding goals – no matter where you live.

Simple to start

We provide support for breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping or any combination virtually via our telehealth platform. We send you a link to a secure video at your scheduled appointment time and you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer for the appointment. Also it is completely your choice whether you want to turn your video on.

To schedule an appointment, text us at 888-458-1364.

SimpliFed supports military families on TRICARE at no cost

We provide inclusive baby feeding support whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, pumping, or some combination. We are here to support you without judgment based on what works for you, your mental health, and your family.

Why do parents love us?

We've got your back through the good and hard times. We support you no matter how you decide to feed your baby and whether or not you have health insurance. You can access our support virtually from anywhere.


Thank you! I'm so happy to have found you all! Told one of my friends about you all. Oh thank goodness! I never knew how much an IBCLC could help with.

Mom, 24
5 stars

Wow amazing thank you so much! You made me feel so much better about my situation in such a short amount of time.

Mom, 28
5 stars

I feel so much better and empowered to try breastfeeding again after this appointment.

Mom, 33
5 stars

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We work with health plans to cover care whether it is for one appointment or throughout your entire baby feeding journey.