Baby feeding, reimagined

Our mission is to create a new model for optimal feeding by building trusted relationships with parents, partnering with healthcare payers and providers, and shifting policy, practice, and narratives to drive health and economic equity, starting with baby’s first foods.

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We envision a world where every parent feels good about feeding their family.

Our History

While navigating the numerous demands of early motherhood, Andrea Ippolito specifically recognized the systemic challenges in feeding her daughter. It was through this complex journey of navigating a fractured and highly stigmatized system, that a clear opportunity was realized and she founded SimpliFed in 2019. The very real need to democratize access to baby feeding and breastfeeding services, through a virtual model, covered by insurance was clearly missing.

Andrea’s objective is to provide a comprehensive and modern touch to meeting parents where they are with baby feeding across the growing spectrum of available options. To succeed in her mission, she leads with her in-depth knowledge of health care systems.

Values that define us

Whether for the families we serve or for our internal team, we live our values each and every day.

Both breast, bottle – and beyond

There are many ways to feed your baby and we are here to provide judgment-free inclusive support for whatever feeding decision is best for you and your family.

Both parents and baby

We know that mom’s physical and mental health are often discarded after birth, but not at SimpliFed. Parents matter and we will design a feeding plan that works for your family as a whole.

Both parents and people

Many parents are navigating their lives working inside or outside the home while still trying to do what is best for their kids. We are here to support you in that quest – and meet you where you are at.

Evidence-based care

Our promise to you is to embrace evidence in our care delivery,help advance the practice wherever there are gaps, and create modern experiences without the friction currently plaguing healthcare.

Have your voice heard

This applies to you as parents reaching out whenever and wherever you need support. We encourage everyone to ask the question no matter how small or massive.

Celebrate and learn

At SimpliFed, we have a culture of learning and we know your parenting journey is the same. We are here to cheer you on no matter what happens in your journey.