Health Plans

We work with commercial, Medicaid, Marketplace and TRICARE health plans to improve access to breastfeeding support. These benefits improve breastfeeding initiation and duration, as well as health outcomes, clinical quality and member engagement, while reducing cost and utilization.

SimpliFed works with parents to create a trusted support system on their baby feeding journey that is centered on family needs.

SimpliFed’s virtual, longitudinal care model complements in-person services by increasing access to care and moving the needle on health outcomes.

Telehealth improves access and removes barriers to care

Telehealth provides continuity of care for parents and reduces health plan costs.

Telehealth allows moms to access care from wherever works for them, whenever they need it.

Telehealth removes traditional barriers to care such as lack of transportation, difficulty getting out of the house with a baby and other children, and challenges navigating sparse provider networks.

Engage members at a pivotal point in their healthcare journey

Most women enter the healthcare system for the first time when they become pregnant. Meaningful engagement will not only improve member satisfaction and retention, but ensure that moms and babies get the care they need throughout the perinatal period and beyond.

SimpliFed proactively supports moms during pregnancy as they kick-start their intensive engagement with the healthcare system for themselves and their family.

Meaningful engagement via SimpliFed services not only improves member satisfaction and retention, but ensures that moms and babies get the care they need throughout the perinatal period and beyond.

With an NPS score of 92, we have a track record of engaging and delighting members with our services.

We help health plans proactively engage key moments and identify potential risks early.

Breastfeeding support is a covered benefit under the Affordable Care Act.

Lactation and breastfeeding support is a clinical specialty proven to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration and is included in the ACA as a covered benefit.