SimpliFed’s Maternal Health Operating System (mOS)

Providing virtual care and support for parents across pregnancy and postpartum, SimpliFed’s mOS or Maternal Health Operating System is designed to create a seamless experience for both patients and providers.

SimpliFed's mOS platform offers continuous real-time communication between care teams and SimpliFed providers by enabling the bidirectional exchange of standard clinical documentation, including SMART-on-FHIR and HL7.

With one click, SimpliFed can set up a bi-directional referral
within health systems

Our capabilities include:

Bi-directional data exchange with healthcare systems and practices who refer to us

Data and analytic tools used to stratify patients, calculate risk scores, identify high-risk patients and escalate as needed

Multi-tenancy platform to allow each client to tailor to their unique quality goals and “white label” SimpliFed’s offerings with their own brand

Automated workflow engine to trigger timely omnichannel notifications for patient engagement and care plan management

SimpliFed’s network of interventional partners (ex, maternal mental health, social support) to upskill care management network function, enabled by APIs, SFTP, DirectTrust, HL7, and other bi-directional integrations

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