How it Works

Baby feeding is a leading cause of stress and anxiety in new parents. At SimpliFed we meet with patients regularly, before and after childbirth, to ensure they are supported throughout every step.

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SimpliFed works because we aren’t just a stop on the journey. With appointments covered by insurance, we help guide the path for families and caregivers.
We're here for you throughout pregnancy & beyond


First appointment to meet your new best friends. Starting your baby feeding journey during pregnancy means you’re better prepared for the big day. Having a plan is the best way to meet your goals.



Pep talk and checklist. You got this.



Book your third appointment a few days after bringing baby home. Those early moments can be hard; lean on us.


A few weeks at home

Feeling overwhelmed and tired is normal. That’s why we are here to listen!


One month

Just when you think you’re in a groove, baby reaches a milestone. Lets chat and help stay on track.


Two-three months

Thinking about going back to work? Want to layer in bottles, formula or a combination? We can talk all about transitions.


Ongoing support

SimpliFed team is here ANY time you need baby feeding support.

Who Is Your Support Team

Including breastfeeding advice and guidance on breast pump usage, tips on expressing milk and establishing a good latch, tracking milk supply, and more


Our team of compassionate and knowledgeable providers bring a wealth of medical and clinical expertise to each appointment, addressing needs and expectations with integrity, respect, and kindness.

Certified IBCLCs, each provider works closely with our SimpliFed allies as well as referring providers or practices to ensure each patient is receiving the best possible care.


Access to friendly staff called “allies” or care navigators who support patients outside of appointments to answer any questions that may arise. They also work closely with a patients referring provider or practice as well as call health insurances to ensure coverage or eligibility.

Available on nights and weekends, SimpliFed Allies encourage each patients with evidence-based support no matter how they choose to feed their baby.