Show Yourself a Love With a Little Self Care

January 31, 2024

Although life with kids is exhausting, (we see you in that school drop off line), if you’re breastfeeding, pumping, supplementing with formula or feeding a newborn in any way, taking care of yourself is essential to making sure you’re up to the challenge. 

This Valentine's season, here are some simple ways to practice self-care even when you’re last on the list: 

1. Prepare before busy days

Do your best to plan and prep as much as you can the night (or weekend) before a busy day. If you’re pumping and need a quick early morning session, have stations set up by your bed or couch with water bottles or your favorite snacks. Prep bottles beforehand and leave your bags with on-the-go nursing essentials right by the front door for easy access. 

2. Exercise 

You don’t need to run a marathon. But a light walk on a treadmill or outside in the sun will increase your mood! 

3. Find moments to NOT think about feeding

Although baby feeding is a full time job, it doesn’t have to be the only thing on your mind. Watch your favorite show or chat with a friend while you feed. It’ll make you feel a little less like you only nurse, pump, prepare bottles, repeat.

4. Lean on your village

Let your partner change all the diapers, take all the offered frozen meals, say yes to the free hour of babysitting from your best friend. Remember it takes a village and if you’re lucky enough to have one–lean on them!

5. Practice kindness

The best thing for your baby is YOU. 

No matter how you’re feeding, giving yourself grace is the best way to care for yourself. But setting the coffee timer doesn’t hurt either.