How Working With a Lactation Consultant Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Breast Pump

May 25, 2023

Being pregnant is full of preparation, including ordering a breastpump! Once baby arrives, there can be so many questions. And everyone has a different experience. That’s why at SimpliFed, we listen to you, answer your questions based on your own needs. What works with one pump might not work for another family! 

Our families love meeting with our team in pregnancy when they receive their pump, or after baby arrives and they begin to use their pump. Here is what they have to say:

Simplifed was super helpful in helping me pick out a good quality breast pump. They also gave some great advice on introducing a bottle to baby without interfering with breastfeeding.”

“I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical with having an appointment virtually. However, after meeting with Victoria, I could not be any happier I decided to schedule with Simplifed! Victoria was AMAZING. She is super knowledgeable regarding breastfeeding and pumping. She answered all my questions”

Here is a long list of the questions and topics that SimpliFed can help answer at your next appointment! Schedule today!

An LC can help you with:
  • Choosing a pump
  • Understanding what a open and closed system pump is
  • Understanding the difference between a passive pump and a manual pump
  • Understanding the difference between a double electric pump and a wearable pump
  • Putting together your pump
  • Learning what a backflow protector is
  • What the tubing is for
  • Why the duckbill and membrane are so important
  • Understanding the use of inserts
  • How to use the cycles and modes
  • Find speed and intensity settings that are comfortable for you
  • What the squiggly line does
  • Learn milk storage guidelines
  • Figure out how often you have to replace pieces
  • Learning what flange size to use- (Spoiler alert the flanges that come with your pump are typically MUCH larger than what you need)
  • How to measure to figure your your flange size(s)
  • Making a pumping routine that works for you
  • Ensuring that pumping is not painful or uncomfortable
  • How to navigate pumping at work
  • Teach you milk storage hacks
  • How to clean pump parts- yes there are specific guidelines!
  • Teach you pumping hacks to make your expression sessions quick and efficient
  • Increase your supply