Breast Pumps Covered by Colorado Medicaid

Andrea Ippolito
October 17, 2022

Double electric breast pumps now covered under Colorado Medicaid

Great news! Double-electric breast pumps are now a covered benefit for all Colorado Medicaid enrollees thanks to new legislation recently passed called Cover All Coloradans. Both manual and double-electric breastfeeding pumps are now covered as early as 28 weeks into pregnancy and at any time during the postpartum period without prior authorization. Prior to this change, Colorado Medicaid only covered breastfeeding pumps in limited cases, and the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program was the primary provider of pumps to Colorado Medicaid members.  

If you are enrolled in Colorado Medicaid and need a breast pump, talk to your doctor or health care provider. Your provider will be able to write you a prescription or give you a referral to a pharmacy or other location where you can pick up your pump.

You can learn more about what pump to select in this article and how to use pumps including flange/shield sizing in this blog post. SimpliFed provides baby feeding and breastfeeding support services fully covered for all Colorado Medicaid beneficiaries, including support surrounding breast pumping. Text CONNECT to 888-458-1364 to get started or fill out “start getting care” via this link

The full announcement surrounding this new benefit can be found here.