Choosing a Bra During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Abrie McCoy
November 1, 2022

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

As your belly grows through pregnancy, you will most likely notice changes with your breast/chest as well. In addition to the darkening of your areolas, your breast/chest will grow too! Your body is priming your glandular tissue. This starts around week 15 of pregnancy. By the start of your second trimester, your body has already created your first milk- colostrum! During these changes some breasts may grow just a bit, while others may go up multiple cup sizes. 

FUN FACT! Breastfeeding does NOT cause your breasts to be saggy! There are many factors that play into your breast size and elasticity like age, genetics, number of pregnancies, and social practices. 

Choosing a Bra

What is most important in choosing a bra is your comfort! Ensuring that the straps are not falling off or digging into your shoulders or the band too loose or tight. As well as not having cup overflow. It may be helpful to get fit by a professional bra fitting specialist (you can find them at specialty bra stores/lingerie stores- especially if you are needing to order larger cup sizes). You can also check out this nifty bra size calculator!

Deciding on the type of bra varies based on personal preference. In pregnancy, your nipples can tend to get sensitive. Making soft fabric bras more desirable. Some people find underwire bras extremely uncomfortable, especially later in pregnancy. Again, making sure that comfort and support is what you have in a bra is most important!

Continuing Changes in Breasts

If you choose to breastfeed once your baby is born, you may notice a period of engorgement as your milk comes in. During this time it is advised to wear looser clothing, typically with easy access to nurse. Adding pressure on your breasts can put stress on your milk ducts. Increasing the risk of ductal narrowing from swelling (formerly known as clogged ducts).Over the course of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, it is normal for your body to go through changes. You may notice after this journey, your breasts look different than they did before! This is normal. Just as it takes time for your body to accommodate pregnancy and breastfeeding, it takes time for your body to transition back. During these changes, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best support for your breasts, shoulders, and back. Get sized, try bras, on and make sure you have comfort and support!