Healthcare Professionals

SimpliFed is a leader in breast and baby feeding. We receive referrals from a range of primary and family healthcare professionals so that we can support shared patients with their baby feeding experience, because baby nutrition is central to every family’s health.

We hold ourselves to a clinical standard of care - working with perinatal healthcare providers and existing systems of care to help families on their baby feeding journey.

Partnering to improve health outcomes

We know how busy you are!  So, we make it easy for you to send patients our way, and we close the loop with you if needed.  Less on your plate, and better insights into how patients are doing.

Complement to in-person care

Our approach is 100% virtual, providing continuity of care for parents from the clinic, hospital or birth center, or wherever else they access healthcare.

Quality of care and access

Improving breastfeeding initiation and duration directly impacts quality measures – and reduces costs to the system.

Health benefits for families

Breastfeeding is demonstrated to improve health for mom and baby, and getting the right support with infant feeding can impact maternal mental health.

Who we work with

We partner  with a variety of clinicians and healthcare professionals who refer to us to get their patients access to breastfeeding and baby feeding support services, covered by insurance.


Women's Health

Birth Hospitals
(Labor & Delivery, Mother Baby, and Postpartum Units)


Family Medicine

Primary Care

Community Health Care

Community-Based Organizations

(Women, Infants and Children Program)



Lactation Care Providers
(IBCLCs, CLCs, and Peer Counselors)

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