SimpliFed provides comprehensive virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding support

Covered by health plans, to improve the baby feeding experience and employee retention

Now, more than ever, it is important to support women in the workforce.

SimpliFed helps organizations provide their employees with the support they need to feel good about feeding their babies, thereby improving workforce retention.

Improved employee retention

Companies with lactation programs have employee retention rates between 83% and 94% after maternity leave, compared to the national average of just 59%1

Workplace accommodation

Half of all pregnant women said they’d consider leaving their workplace for a job that better accommodates breastfeeding mothers2

Medical claims savings

$1435 in medical claims savings per breastfed infant3

3. International Lactation Consultant Association. Written by Doraine Bailey, MA. For World Breastfeeding Week Action Kit, "Breastfeeding: The Best Investment”


Working moms have hit a ‘maternal wall’ which is the motherhood equivalent of the glass ceiling that all women face.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

What you should know

Improves access to support starting during pregnancy: SimpliFed partners with employers to improve access to breastfeeding and baby feeding support starting during pregnancy, covered by your health plan. This helps employees form a plan before they head out on parental leave.

Continuous, ongoing support: SimpliFed provides virtual support to parents after their baby is born, including planning for the transition back to work.

No buy-up required: We have contracts with several national commercial, Medicaid, and TRICARE plans to provide these services as part of your existing relationship with health plans.

Required services: These services are vital to the health of parents and babies and are mandated under the Affordable Care Act. SimpliFed works with health plans to ensure that families have access to these benefits at no cost to them.

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